The following major topics shall be dealt with the symposium:

- an improvement of the ventilation methods and systems;
- new ventilation techniques and methods for fighting against explosive and toxic gases;
- modelling and simulation of the ventilation networks.

- risk analysis and assessment;
- risk management and control;
- providing the assurance of the employees against the risk of accidents and occupational diseases.

- explosives;
- boosters and accessories;
- blasting techniques and their management.

- harmonized legislation;
- testing and evaluation methods.

- technical and technological equipment;
- personal protection equipment.

- methods and techniques for the prevention and fight against spontaneous
- methods and techniques for the prevention and fight against gaseous emissions;
- technologies used for mining useful mineral substances.

- closing the underground mine workings and the workings that connect with the surface;
- closing theĀ  surface mine workings;
- rehabilitation of the areas which have been adversely affected by the mining activity
- post closure monitoring.