Host City - Sinaia


Located in a beautiful mountainous region, at the foothills of the Bucegi Mountains, about 120km from Bucharest and 44km from Brasov, in the Prahova Valley, Sinaia is one of the oldest and most famous mountain resorts, often referred to as "The Pearl of the Carpathians". Located at an altitude of 767 m and 860 m, Sinaia boasts ski slopes at an altitude of 2,000 m, on the plateau of the Bucegi mountains.



Sinaia takes its name from the 17th-century monastery built here by a Romanian nobleman after undertaking a pilgrimage to Mount Sinai, Egypt. Sinaia was first mentioned in documents, as a mountain resort, in 1869, when the locals saw the construction of the town’s first hotel. The beautiful region drew the attention of the Hohenzollern Royal House (Carol I - King of Romania) who built Peles Castle, starting 1873. It became the summer royal residence. Prior to World War II and the abdication of the royal family, Sinaia was a summer retreat for Romania's aristocracy. A walk up the mountainside reveals many grand summer homes from this period.




Sinaia has a sub-Alpine climate. The summers are bracing, and, in the first part of the season, very rainy. Winters are relatively mild, with heavy snow. Average annual rainfall is 900 mm. The maximum registered rainfall was in June (173 mm). The minimum rainfall and nebulosity was recorded in September (55 mm) and February (40mm). The snow layer installs itself homogeneously starting usually from November and it melts in a period of time from March-April, sometimes at the beginning of May. The thickness of the snow layer varies between 20 centimeters and 3 meters in higher elevations. The average temperature in summer is 15 degrees C, in winter -4 degrees C, while the annual average temperature is 7 degrees.



To winter sports fans, Sinaia offers a bobsledding run (1,500 m long with 13 turns, and a 132 m elevation difference), ski runs of various difficulty degrees, ropeways (cab, ski lift, baby lift, rope chair).


Sinaia's ski slopes are situated at 2000m altitude. Here you can experience the best high altitude ski in Romania. The access to the slopes is possible from the city center, by taking the first cable car to Cota 1400 and then a second cable car to Cota 2000. To Cota 1400 one can also go by car. The ski slopes are divided on the two sides of the mountain. To the eastern side, towards the city, the skier can experience the most spectacular slopes, the black ones. The slopes follow the cable car line and there is a great variety of off-piste possibilities. All the slopes end in the same point, which is the cable car station at Cota 1400.